Islamic Professionalism & Challenge of Modernity

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Post  2030_17_dieny on Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:38 pm

good topic amed....


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Re: Islamic Professionalism & Challenge of Modernity

Post  2030_18_ainulzawarah on Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:53 am

Assalamualaikum... my opinion,

Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of professionalism, and Muslims should carry out their activities in a planned and professional manner.
Every Muslim should think what he or she can contribute to the progress of the Ummah.
As a muslim, we should be a profession but must follow the islamic value...we should be agents of change in our societies and have a plan for future...
the Prophet, peace be upon him, said," Allah enjoins perfection and professionalism in all things." He also said," Allah loves u to do everything as efficiently and professionally as possible... bounce


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Post  2030_17_hadi on Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:39 pm

Assalamualaikum, hope you guys healthy as always.

To earn wage or to work by yourself? As business is 9/10 of rezki.

If you do business, it is you that control the manners and ethics of your workers, the problem would come when it comes to dealing with other businessman. Making an opportunity isn't easy, so there would be many tricks to win the game. Some would go for Machiavelli style, "the end justify the means" from his infamous book, 'The Prince'. He will do anything to win the game, even cheating or fitna. During his times, many Jews are killed to realize the Israeli state although the forming of a Jewish state is prohibited in Torah. It was the Zionism agenda to chase their fellow Jews to Palestine to build Haikal Sulaiman (Solomon Temple) where Dajjal al-Masih will emerge. Their influences are so enormous that they (Zionist) control the world agenda as it were theirs.

So business is like politics they are both full of dirty tricks and blood. So thats why the Malaika' (Angels) ask," Why are You (Allah SWT), making humans, as they shed blood?"and Allah SWT replied "Verily, I (Allah) know what you don't."

But in a hadith, "Justs businessman will enter heaven with those Syuhada' and 'Ulama" if not mistaken.

In today’s scenario, women tend to wear hijab due to work restriction and not due to their own want. When their off duty, they changed to 'free-hair'. May Allah grant them hidayah to wear hijab sincerely in their hearts. Amin. When it comes to solat, it become very privacy and confidential, some pray on and off, some don't, some all-in-one and so on. It’s very hard to solat on time due to the employer intolerance and ignorance of Islam. More obvious if you work with a non-muslim employer. They will ask you to pray during the break period. Its good that you can pray Zuhr, but then, you will miss Asr, vice versa. For male workers, it is the most hardest when it comes to Jumaat prayer, they have to sacrifice either their work or their Iman. The employer will say, " It's alright to miss Jumaat prayer for some times, as long you don't miss in 3 times in a row." Even the employer now becoming more Islamic than you? They know fiqh. jocolor but when we revise back from the al-Quran, there is a verse that means, "To those how believe, stop all your business and answer the call for prayer (Jumaat prayer)". The one who have faith shall flash back this verse to counter their employer. It is now also permissible for the employee to report on their employer who doesn't allow the employee to pray when it's time to the Islamic Consumer Society in Malaysia. Actions will be taken on the employer.

Lying is also being a habit to the profession world in order to save themselves from trouble.

Also the world have become so socialize that you find that if you’re not in a Muslim country. This problem firstly caused by the West influence and the weak fundamentals of Islamic knowledge amongst the muslim ummah. Everything that comes from the West is to be thought as something civilised whether or not it is according to the Islamic Shari'ah. The government has to play a role in surveillance whatever comes from the west. In the world where everything is at the point of the finger, stricter rule should be enhanced. Kids these days can browse anything in the internet, without the parent’s proper surveillance the kid might enter to an unwanted browser.

The higher your rank, the higher you may astray. Only the one with strong faith will succeed. The world has become more challenging day by day, and it is in us (scholars) who should put things straight. Everything that we do will reflect the Islamic image. May Allah provide us guidance in our paths. Diplomats, is among those who deal in between the interdiversity of culture, religion and thoughts. They will have to attend functions that include wines and other prohibited things in Islam. They need to shake hands, and also meet ladies. To solve these, he/she can wear gloves during shaking hands and also avoid being in the function too long. The best is to absent from such functions. There are other solutions to meet one another and solve problems, it is us who should organise the function, not the Westerners, we should show them how a Shari’ah implemented function organised rather than theirs.

Wallahu ‘alam.


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Re: Islamic Professionalism & Challenge of Modernity

Post  2030_17_Alif on Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:07 pm

in my opinion,islam is a moderate religion. everyone should know that islam encourage its follower to know everyhing. as mention in surah al-ala' that everyone should read and learn about anything as long it is not against islamic shariah.modernity does not limit islam people potential even though sometimes it jobs offer in modern world against islamic principles. islamic is perfect so muslim will be able to challenge with other races or religion as well. prophet muhammad (pbuh) also change this world from jahiliyyah period to a better world which we practice until nowadays.


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Re: Islamic Professionalism & Challenge of Modernity

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